Colour and Style

Alison White

Alison White is a Colour Me Beautiful consultant and loves her job because it literally changes people’s lives for the better. She first discovered colour twenty years ago and after a long career in public affairs, decided to help others enjoy colour too, so trained to become a consultant herself.

Colour Me Beautiful have been leaders in image consulting for over thirty years, and with good reason! With a range of top-to toe services, Alison can help you feel and look good every day. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so you need to make sure it’s a good one. You need to be confident that you are wearing colours and clothes that suit you and bring out your personality, allowing you to shine.

Whether you are looking for a complete makeover, colour analysis, wardrobe de-cluttering, or some personal shopping assistance to buy a special outfit , or even a fun evening party for the girls, Alison will be able to help.

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Thank you for a very enjoyable and interesting consultation! It's amazing what a different the right colours can make, a very helpful experience!
Thank you for a very enjoyable and interesting consultation! It’s amazing what a different the right colours can make, a very helpful experience!


Very eye-opening session - it's now much easier to pick out what's right for me.
Very eye-opening session – it’s now much easier to pick out what’s right for me.


I didn't think I could ever wear these colours! I can't believe it, I'm so excited!
I didn’t think I could ever wear these colours! I can’t believe it, I’m so excited!


That's fantastic - I didn't expect I'd be able to see it myself but I can, now you've explained it all. What a difference it makes - thank you!
That’s fantastic – I didn’t expect I’d be able to see it myself but I can, now you’ve explained it all. What a difference it makes – thank you!


It's been a lovely morning. I've got some of these colours in my wardrobe but would never have thought of these combinations. You've reinvigorated my wardrobe!
It’s been a lovely morning. I’ve got some of these colours in my wardrobe but would never have thought of these combinations. You’ve reinvigorated my wardrobe!


I don't know whether to laugh or cry! With joy of course. Wow!
I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! With joy of course. Wow!


The Alison White Studio

Alison White is a Colour Me Beautiful Style and Image consultant serving Lancashire, Lytham St Annes, Blackburn, Preston, Bolton, Wigan, Blackpool, Darwen, Lancaster and Morecambe.
Alison also offers Bridal Styling, Bridal Services, Beauty Services, Makeover Re-styling, Wardrobe Weeding and Image Consultancy services in these areas.



Alison can provide the full range of Colour Me Beautiful products. Please call or send an email for advice and to place your order and arrange payment and delivery.

  • Books – instructional manuals that explain the colour me beautiful philosophy of dominant colour palettes, make up advice and styling tips.
  • Make Up – a full range of cosmetics in the colours to suit YOU. Everything from Skin primer to lip gloss.
  • Accessories – A range of quality scarves in beautiful colours to complement your colour-co-ordinated and styled wardrobe
  • Gift Vouchers – a lovely present for one of our quality services, in full or part payment. From £5 upwards







Colour Analysis

A full colour consultation. You will learn why some colours look better on you than others. Alison will show you your dominant colour palette and how to wear it. with secondary and tertiary colours which will compliment your colouring perfectly. Learn to shop with confidence and wear combine colours to achieve the look you want. You will find that buying less clothes in the right colours lets you to co-ordinate more outfits, knowing that whatever you wear, will look good. This will revolutionise how you shop for clothes!



Alison will also advise you on how best to wear the colours you already have in your wardrobe as you gradually adjust to your wonderful new palette. Alison will also complete full personalised make up for you in your colours, to suit your personality.

You will receive a personalised make up ‘prescription’ and a 42- colour swatch wallet in your colours to help you when shopping.

Cost £120 – lasts about 2 hours



Image & Styling

clothes_railYou will never worry about what to wear again! Firstly, Alison will take you through a questionnaire of your likes and dislikes of your body shape, clothing, your lifestyle and the image you would like to project.

Then Alison will discuss with you your body shape, frame and proportions, giving advice on how to dress to flatter your shape to its best advantage – including disguising those areas you may not wish to have attention drawn to. This includes cut and shape, style, fabrics, scale and type of patterns.

Alison will discuss with you those items of clothing you have brought with you. Those you enjoy wearing and others you like but somehow never wear – so you can ‘get your eye in,’ on how to make your existing wardrobe work for you, and how best to shop for clothes in future.

Alison will show you how to avoid shopping mistakes and dress with style and confidence for any occasion. She will also take you through how to develop a co-ordinated wardrobe, with less clothes, but more outfits – so you can always find the perfect thing to wear.

You will receive personalised style guide, indicating the type of shapes, fabrics, styles that work best for you which will make shopping in the future so much easier!

Cost £120 – lasts about 2 hours

Full Image

colour_swatchThe whole package! Here you have a complete makeover in a day which includes all the elements of a colour analysis, style consultation and make up lesson in one. This includes a fabric swatch colour wallet, a make up lesson with personalised beauty workbook and a full style consultation with personalised style workbook.

Cost £240 lasts about 4 hours


Make Up Class

Whether you’ve never worn make up before, or are using the same routine you have been for years, Alison will be able to help. You will learn how to care for your skin and then how to apply a full make up in the right colours to suit your colouring and personality and create the look you want.

You will know how to apply foundation easily and evenly, how to enhance your eyes with eye make up so they look the best, and how to correctly apply lip colours. You will also learn a suitable day make up and evening make up and take away a personalised workbook with advice and tips to keep.

You will have the opportunity to apply some make up yourself, to make sure you are familiar with the techniques required to maintain your new look.

Costs £50. lasts 1½ hours



Personal Shopping

Have you ever wanted someone to take the pain out of clothes shopping for you? Well Alison will! In advance of the shopping trip, you will chat with Alison about what you are looking for – whether it’s for general pieces for your wardrobe or an outfit for a special occasion. Then on the day, Alison will find a range of items to try in the most flattering shapes and styles for your body. Full advice from putting a whole ‘look’ together with accessories will be given so you will be confident you will look your best.

Cost – £50 per hour

Wardrobe Weeding

Do you have lots of clothes but can never find the right thing to wear? Then Alison can help. Most of us wear the same things over and over again and leave some outfits on the hanger. There is a better way to be and to make your clothes work for you.

A wardrobe weeding will consider everything in your wardrobe and how you wear it – or not. Often you will find that you haven’t thought of combining various pieces or altering their shape slightly to make it work better for you. Looking at things in a new way, and how to make best use of accessories and jewellery can reinvigorate your wardrobe. You’ll learn how to organise your wardrobe to make it work for you and to always look your best.

Cost – £50 an hour

Seasonal update

A popular session where Alison helps each person discover which of this seasons fashions and cosmetics will work best for their colouring and body shape. Alison will also provide some ideas for wardrobe updates and how to use accessories and jewellery to keep you ‘current’ even on a budget.

Cost £18 per person, including a ‘seasonal update’ booklet


Alison is available to give talks on colour and styling to your Ladies Circle, Women’s Institute groups and so on.
Please contact Alison for details.


Bridal Services


Every bride deserves to look her best. Alison will help guide you to finding the colours and styles most flattering for you to achieve the bridal look you desire.
This consultation includes a full colour analysis and style consultation to help find the right colour for your very special bridal gown. Also to help you find a ‘theme’ colour suited to your personality and the look you are aiming for and the most appropriate colours and styles for your bridesmaids. The full analysis will also help you put together clothes in your best colours through your honeymoon and beyond.

Alison will give advice on accessories – including wedding veils, tiaras, jeweler and headdresses to best suit your natural colouring and style. Also Alison will recommend the most flattering hairstyles for your shape.

Alison will also apply a full make up application – in the most flattering colours for your dream look. You will have the opportunity to put make up on yourself, to ensure you have the tips and techniques you need to repeat the look.

You will receive a personalised bridal style guide, style workbook, 42 colour swatch wallet with additional ‘bridal’ swatches to help you choose the perfect dress for your perfect day. You will also receive a personalised make up workbook to help you replicate the perfect make up. To complete this package you will receive your own copy of the Colour Me Beautiful, ‘Be a Beautiful Bride,’ book to help with your finishing touches.

Cost £250 – lasts about 4 hours



If you are looking for a fun evening with friends whilst learning how to help make the best of yourself, then a party might be just what you’re looking for. This is an informal and budget-friendly way of discovering what Colour Me Beautiful can offer.

Parties can be designed to suit your needs – contact Alison for details. Some examples are given below.

Colour Party

Alison will show everyone their dominant colouring and how to use this wisely in your clothes and make up.

Cost – £60 per person to include a fabric swatch wallet for each person as a guide for shopping
£30 per person including a copy of the Colour me Beautiful book for each person.

Style Party

Alison will help everyone discover their style personality and how to select the most flattering styles and fabrics for their body shape.

Cost £60 per person including a personalised  style workbook for each person.


Make-up party

Alison will show each person which cosmetic colours work best for them and what their beauty personality is. Alison will give a demonstration on applying make up and there will be the opportunity to apply make up individually to learn the techniques needed.

Cost – £25 per person, including a personalised beauty workbook.



For Men

A colour me beautiful consultation will make your life easier! Considering your natural colouring you will learn which are the shades to enhance your appearance and achieve the look you strive for.

You will learn how best to combine these colours for all occasions to suit your lifestyle, from formal to casual.
How to make the colours you have in your wardrobe already work best for you.
How to shop for clothes to suit your lifestyle and be confident you will always look good.

Cost £120 – lasts about 2 hours



31 Jan 2017
Have a heart!

Can you believe how quickly January has gone?  I can’t – it’s just flown by!  If I’m honest I find this time of the year difficult to get motivated – I think I secretly have the DNA of an animal that hibernates.

But maybe that’s what it’s all about.  A time to recharge and refresh – spring is on its way, bringing lots of new colours to brighten up our lives!

With that in mind, I wanted to tell you about a new role I have taken on with my business, that of a Corporate Ambassador with the British Heart Foundation.  Many of you know that I lost my beautiful daughter Miranda, two and a half years ago, aged just 26 to a heart problem – which was, and always will be devastating.  A long time ago I aligned my Colour Me Beautiful Business to the British Heart Foundation and now am delighted to say I have become a Corporate Ambassador with them.

This means that I will be able to work with businesses who want to support the BHF with their fundraising activities and believe me, I will throw myself into it wholeheartedly.  There is so much we can do if we work together to raise awareness and fund research.  And what’s more – you can have fun along the way.  Your business will benefit too as everyone has been touched somewhere along the line by someone with a heart problem and there are so many ways to getting involved.  From fashion shows to sponsored walks to health campaigns.

Red is the Colour of the Heart Foundation – and I too can help bring red – and lots of colours into your life.  If your business would like to get involved, please contact me and I’d be happy to come and talk to you.  As an incentive, I can offer a free colour and style presentation for your staff – that should brighten up their day for sure!

So go on, have a heart, let’s get colourful and together support the British Heart Foundation.  Please drop me a line at info@alisonwhitestyle.co.uk



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30 Nov 2016
Open Day Success!

Well! What a fabulous day we had on Sunday 20th, November!  Thank you to all who came to the open day.  Lancashire rocked that day!

There was prosecco and Christmas nibbles!  There were handbags from Antonia’s handbags – pure joy!  https://www.facebook.com/Antonias-Handbags-451579351541662/?fref=ts




We had wonderful sparkling jewellery from Aura Jewellery https://www.facebook.com/aurabeadedjewellery/?hc_ref=SEARCH and stunning silver from Bijoux Silver .
















There was more jewellery from me, plus handmade accessories – my on-trend velvet cowls in a range of rainbow colours flew out!  I’m busy making more like one of Santa’s elves, so if you want one, do contact me! They are £12 each, gift boxed, plus £3.00 P&P.




There were colour, style and make up demos!  You can see the real difference this makes.  The top left photo shows this lady in the ‘wrong colours’ while the top right, you can see her skin glow and her eyes sparkle when she is in the right colours!  Bottom left, make up is added and bottom right – ta da!  Looking gorgeous in some of her best colours!  It truly is amazing!




Not forgetting the hand-made chocolate from Creative Chocolates! https://www.facebook.com/groups/124037964288607/

All in one glorious afternoon with the raffle and fabulous prizes with all proceeds going to the British Heart Foundation. https://www.facebook.com/bhf/?fref=ts I’m delighted to say we raised over £500 for the British Heart Foundation in memory of my daughter Miranda.  Thank you so much.



Following numerous requests, I’m launching a series of workshops as an additional service and will give full details in my next newsletter.  If you’re not on my list and would like to be, then just let me know!

My facebook group with colour and style tips is up and running and if you’d like to be a part of that (it’s free) then just let me know!

I’ll be back soon with more tips for the party season.  Is it really that close to Christmas?  How did that happen?!




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05 Oct 2016
Are you warm or cool? The importance of undertone!



If you have visited me for a colour consultation, then you will have been told as part of your analysis, whether you have a Warm or a Cool undertone as your second characteristic. Of course, you could also be Warm or Cool as your main dominant colour category.

What are undertones?
Your undertone is the colour just below the surface of your skin and regardless of whether you have a tan or not, it doesn’t change. Ensuring the colours you wear in both your clothes and make-up complement your undertone is essential as if you get it wrong it could cause your skin to look lacklustre, sallow or grey.

Determining your skin tone
A quick way to determine whether you have a Warm or Cool undertone is to look at the inside of your forearm. On those with a Cool undertone veins will appear blue/purple in natural light, whilst those with a Warm undertone will have green/olive veins in natural light. You could also compare the overall colour of the inside of your forearm with that of friends – as long as you don’t all have the same colouring, you will notice some striking differences. This test is not an exact science though so get in touch if you’d like a definitive answer!

Once you know your undertone you can use the guidelines below to help you select the best make-up shades for your undertone.




EYES If you have a Warm undertone draw attention to your eyes with gorgeous colour me beautiful Tuscany Olive eyeshadow and Sage eye pencil. Cool undertones can play around with pinks, purples and pewters; we love a slick of Navy mascara, particularly if you have blue eyes (it makes them really pop!)

FACE If you’re warm opt for peach or coral shades. A smudge of our colour me beautiful Melba cream blush will give you a subtle of hint of colour. Those with a Cool undertone should go for something a little pinker. Our colour me beautiful Appleberry blush compact is perfect to pop into your bag for touch-ups on the go.

LIPS Finish your look with a little lip! Feeling bright and bold? Go for our fresh and fun colour me beautiful Mango Punch cream lipstick if you have a Warm undertone. Our Cool customers could opt for our colour me beautiful Pink Shell lip gloss; the perfect finishing touch to your make-up look!

So enjoy and live a colourful life!  If you’ve yet to have a colour consultation then there’s no time like the present, just give me a call and we’ll set one up!





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19 Sep 2016
Autumn/Winter Fashion and Personal Style


Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Miss England, Miss Elizabeth Grant and she is beautiful both inside and out. Soon she will be heading to the Miss World contest and I wish her all the luck in the world. Her personal style and lovely manner will take her far.

As fashion month gets into full swing around the world and Summer draws to an end, the start of a new season means many of us will be thinking about our Autumn/Winter wardrobes and personal style.

We can all get stuck in a rut, or style of dressing that almost becomes like a ‘uniform’ which we end up wearing day in, day out. However, with a few simple steps you can transform your personal style to leave you looking and feeling refreshed for the months ahead!
1.Keep it current

Not all of us are slaves to fashion, however it is important that you keep your look current. Glossy magazines and online sites are packed with image inspiration for the coming season and top tips on what is going to be ‘on trend’. Focus on the trends that appeal to you and then decide how you are going to incorporate them into your look in a way that is still ‘you’.

2. Shoe business

Your footwear can make or break your outfit. Throw away those battered boots and invest in a new pair, in one of your neutral shades, to see you through Autumn/Winter. If you can afford to invest a little more they will last you several seasons before they need replacing.

3. Good foundations

Ideally you should be measured and fitted for a new bra around every six months. If you’re overdue then head to the fitting room before you buy a single new item for Autumn! Good foundations are key to ensure comfort and smooth lines on your clothes.

4. Keep it colourful

There are some gorgeous shades around for the coming season so take this opportunity to try some new colours! Even after a colour consultation it can be easy to gravitate towards the same few colours as time goes on so take this opportunity to take another look at your colour swatches and add some new shades into the mix!

5. Buy what you love

Don’t buy anything that is just ‘fine’, you (and your wardrobe) deserve more than that! If you put something on that you feel truly fabulous in, then go ahead and purchase it. When you wear something you feel amazing in you will exude confidence and this will guarantee you look amazing too!

Here’s to a fabulously stylish Autumn/Winter! We are all beauty queens in our own world!

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20 Jul 2016
The wedding season!


The arrival of Summer also heralds the start of wedding season and selecting an outfit that is flattering, comfortable, appropriate for the occasion and adaptable for the great British Summer can often seem daunting!

If you’re looking for some inspiration then you’ve come to the right place! In this post we’ll take you through some outfit suggestions and tips to ensure you stand out for all the right reasons (just try not to upstage the bride!)

Colour Confidence

You just knew we’d start here didn’t you? Our first tip is to start with a colour that really works for you (i.e. one from your colour category).

Go for a shade from your palette that really makes you feel fabulous – when you feel great, you look great after all. Now is not the time to experiment with new combinations (unless you’re getting some expert guidance from one of our fabulous consultants of course!) Opt for a shade you have worn and loved previously.

Beware! Don’t opt for white or ivory (too bridal), avoid black (even if it is in your colour palette, it is a little morbid for such a joyous occasion) and don’t go TOO bright (Clears and Dramatics, we’re talking to you!)

You Don’t Have To Do a Dress

A dress is an easy option for a wedding, and there’s no reason not to go for this if you find something you love and which flatters your body shape and proportions. However, don’t forget that there are many alternatives to a dress that you may want to try.
Skirts have made something of a comeback in recent years and are a great option for a wedding. Triangle body shapes in particular will love the trend for full, prom-style skirts that is prevalent at the moment and what’s more you can get lots of wear out of a skirt for other occasions by changing your top, shoes and accessories.

Don’t like your legs? Then try a jumpsuit! There are so many available now (and we’ve talked about some of them in our previous blog post here). Be sure to choose a material that works for your body shape to ensure your jumpsuit is as flattering and comfortable as possible.

Dancing Feet

Shoes can make or break an outfit so it’s important to get them right!

If you’re wearing something new for the big day make sure you give them a trial run at home first (top tip, if they need wearing in then pop a pair of thick socks on and wear them around the house to soften and loosen any areas that may pinch your feet). If you have room in your bag its always wise to put a pair of flats in so you can enjoy showing off your moves on the dance floor rather than toe-tapping on the sidelines!


Finally – don’t forget the details.

Hats are worn less at weddings these days but a percher or flat beret (as seen on the Duchess of Cambridge recently), or a simple hair accessory will complete your look and instantly make it feel more ‘wedding’ appropriate. Finish your ensemble with some carefully selected jewellery and a bag or clutch in a complementary colour and you’ll be good to go!

If you’d like some advice on choosing a wedding outfit whether you’re the bride, the bridesmaid or a guest, a colour and/or style analysis would be perfect! Just contact me to arrange an appointment.

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23 Jul 2015
On the Case!

Here are some secret tips for summer holiday packing and looking cool by the pool

Lancashire is fab, but sometimes we need to get away for a while for a holiday – then we’re glad to get back!

For most events in life a little planning can go a long way and that goes for your holiday packing too. The last thing you want as you anticipate your well-earned break is a stressful week of packing, then unpacking, then re-packing! Statistics show that it can take us at least five hours to decide what to take on holiday. So, before you even dig out your suitcase you need to draw up a basic list. Write a column for every day of your trip and for each day write down what you might be doing (sightseeing, sporting activity or just relaxing). In each column write roughly what you are likely to wear. This will quickly show you that you can wear the same pair of trousers or skirt, for example, at least twice and that you can pack lighter than you think. Think of your poor partner at the airport and all those cases!

Begin with the basics

Your basics are those items that you will wear more than once such as a pair of trousers, a skirt and a jacket. Use your list to pick out these basic pieces and lay them out on your bed. You may want most of these basics to be neutral or a mix of neutral and colours, depending on your preferences. When your selection is laid out on the bed you can work out different outfit combinations and therefore you will see which items will be the most versatile. Along with the basics you should have a couple of cotton tops for daytime and two that you can wear day or night which should be something a little more ‘special’, perhaps with a little extra detail, that you can dress up or down. You most definitely want a couple of dresses in two different, fabulous colours. Also, a maxi for the total look of style and comfort.

Capitalise on colour

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to really enjoy wearing colours as they always look more fabulous in sunnier weather and we’re not limited by work dress codes. Don’t feel you have to be ‘matchy, matchy’, clashing colours and patterns can look fabulous and are bang on trend!

Some great colour combinations this season are orange and pink or purple with green or turquoise. If clashing your clothes is a little too much for your taste just bring strong colours in to your accessories. A great pair of green shoes and matching handbag and a chunky orange bangle will set off a neutral outfit beautifully. White can be a super neutral against a tan, but check whether you suit a bright bluish white or a softer creamy white against your skin. To get your colours right it’s important to select the right ‘shade’ or ‘tone’ in each of your best colours so that they really complement your colouring.


The week’s beach holiday list

Don’t pack anything unless it goes with at least 3 other items!

Here is a basic packing guide to make your planning easier. Assuming laundry is not available you will need the following:
•1 pair of jeans
•1 pair of cropped or soft palazzo trousers
•1 pair of shorts (neutral)
•1 skirt (neutral)
•2 dresses (2 different colours)
•1 kaftan or maxi (colour-for beach or over trousers during the day)
•2 daytime cotton tops/t-shirts (different colours)
•2 smarter tops/t-shirts (different colours)
•1 cotton strappy top (white or colour)
•1 summer cardigan OR pashmina (either can be a neutral or a colour)
•1 light summer jacket (neutral) 1 pair of flip flops (colour)
•1 pair of comfortable shoes (e.g stylish trainers or ballet pumps in a good colour or a neutral)
•1 pair of pretty sandals (neutral or a strong colour that matches or clashes well)
•1 pair of heels (neutral or metallic or bold colour) 2 bathing suits/bikinis (in most flattering colours – lots of flesh on show for this one)
•1 hat (good colour or neutral)
•7 days of underwear 1 town/evening bag (matching/clashing well with colour shoes or neutral)
•1 travel bag which can double up as a beach bag

Do consider travelling in your jeans, one of your smarter tops and your comfortable shoes to save more space.

Enjoy, and don’t forget – they will love you even more if you pack light!!

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